Furnaces for nitriding and nitrocarburising treatments


In view of the Capi policy of keeping its machinery always at the cutting-edge, it was decided to re-invest this year in the purchase of two furnaces for nitriding and nitrocarburising treatments, each with a capacity of up to 5 tons.

These furnaces are the most advanced currently available on the market, guaranteeing +/- 3°C temperature uniformity in accordance with the AMS2750E aerospace standard and giving complete automation and management of Kn nitriding potential.

To ensure optimum results, Capi Group has also invested in a latest-generation modified alcohol vacuum washing machine with a 3000+ litre tank. This washing machine is able to comply with washing standards superior to conventional water-based washing machines and also ensures uniformity of treatment and surface appearance in line with the most exacting requirements of the automotive market.

Capi Group will thus be able to meet the metallurgical requirements of all technical specifications that may have been originally written for nitriding and nitrocarburising processes in salt bath, plasma or with traditional gas nitriding.

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