Capi Group

Meccanica Cainelli

O.M.P. Piccinelli

CAPI Group srl is new machining company founded by the alliance of two consolidated and existing companies in the precision mechanical engineering market:
Meccanica Cainelli of Volano (TN)
specialized in machining cast iron and aluminium components and supplying pre-assembled sub-groups.
O.M.P. Piccinelli di Darzo (TN) specialized in machining steel components on lathes, CN grinding machines, and vertical and horizontal machining centres.

The combination of the experience of the two companies allows CAPI Group srl to produce and create complex and highly precise mechanical products, particularly pre-assembled products and sub-groups for the following sectors:
- motor drives for earth-moving machines and industrial vehicles;
- various components for automotive and truck industry.

CAPI Annual revenue in Million Euro

In order to increase the services and production offer, the group invested in new resources for the machining, heat and superficial treatments of the products.


Manganese phosphating and electrolytic galvanization zinc plating
CPS Components
Cast iron components machining
WGT Wuxi Gear Tech
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